Here are some of the things
that make DuckDuckWho a great alternative
to Google Analytics:

One of the first things site owners do after launching their site is install the Google Analytics script.

Let me tell you why you should stop using Google Analytics and use DuckDuckWho Analytics instead, which is simple, lightweight, ethical and privacy-friendly.

What are the differences between DuckDuckWho and Google Analytics?

  • Easy vs complex web analytics

Most website owners don't need Google Analytics. I would call it a powerful, but complicated tool that takes time to master and requires extensive training to fully understand.

Most people find real and regular use for only a fraction of the data that Google Analytics measures. It collects a great deal of data, but most people do not need all of it.

Simple to use and understand, DuckDuckWho requires no training or prior experience. DuckDuckWho provides all the essential insights into traffic and metrics on one single page, cutting through the noise.

A custom report does not need to be created since there are no layers of navigational menus. You can see all the important web analytics at a glance so you can create a better site. 

  • The ownership of your web analytics data is your responsibility

DuckDuckWho lets you manage the data on your website while protecting the privacy of your visitors.

  1. Advertising companies or companies in general do not have access to your website data.

  2. None of your website data is sent to third parties.

  3. We do not monetize your website data.

  4. We do not harvest or mine your website data for personal or behavioral information.

The same cannot be said for Google Analytics, a tool created, hosted, and run by the world's largest adtech company. Organizations like this love to eat up every bit of personal information they can get their hands on.

  • Your website visitors' privacy is extremely important to us

It is important to note that the privacy of web users is under threat, but there is a growing shift away from privacy on the web. In that regard, DuckDuckWho plays an important part.

Your site visitors' privacy is sacrificed when you use Google Analytics.

DuckDuckWho gives you all the critical insights you need to improve your site, as well as knowing where you can improve this performance. And all of these insights are provided at no addition cost to the privacy of your site visitors.

  • Increase the page weight and the loading time of the page

There is a large impact of analytics scripts on a website's page weight and loading time speed, which is a negative impact. Using DuckDuckWho Analytics, you will have all the essential website traffic insights you need without negatively impacting the website speed.

In terms of size, DuckDuckWho's Analytics script is more than 17 times smaller than Google Analytics's script.

It is more than 45 times smaller than the recommended Google Analytics integration using the Google Tag Manager. 

When you use DuckDuckWho Analytics, you will reduce your page weight, and your site will load much faster as a result.

  • Using an adblocker without getting blocked

There are a lot of people who are tired of banner ads, remarketing and retargeting messages, and behavioral profiling, so they block some of these things.

Many people who use adblockers such as the uBlock Origin and some mainstream browsers such as Firefox block the Google Analytics script. Up to 60% of tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics.

DuckDuckWho does not belong to the adtech industry. This software does not track or collect any personal data at any time. As a consequence, it does not contribute to profiling personal behavior on the web, so it is not intended to be covered by these blockers either.

DuckDuckWho does not offer unlimited Pageviews (free) while Google Analytics does?

The great thing about Google Analytics is that it's completely free to use.
But why isn't DuckDuckWho completely free?

Google Analytics is a free service, since Google has built an empire on the accumulation and analysis of large volumes of personal information from web users and on using those insights to sell ads, which gives Google a lot of money through their company and stock options.

That business model is not affiliated with DuckDuckWho. We are also not collecting or analyzing any personal information. It is important to realize that DuckDuckWho will provide you full control and ownership of all data and the data will not be shared with or sold to any third parties.

We are an independent company that owns and develops DuckDuckWho. It is necessary to charge a fee to keep the project going and to remain in business.

Would you mind telling me the reasons why DuckDuckWho is a great Google Analytics alternative?

The DuckDuckWho alternative to Google Analytics is quick, easy, and secure. It is an independent and transparent tool that can be used to track user behavior.

In a nutshell, DuckDuckWho is able to provide you with all the valuable insights into website traffic while respecting the privacy of your visitors and complying with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy laws, without compromising the quality of the user experience on your website.

Is there an online presence you have, such as a website or blog? If yes, then consider giving DuckDuckWho a shot.