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Realtime web analytics with privacy and simplicity at its core.
There are lots of ways to choose between Google Analytics
and DuckDuckWho - it's simple and it's free.
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DuckDuckWho vs. Google Analytics

Most websites rely on Google Analytics to analyze visitors and access data. However, it can be an overkill for most website owners. It is very complicated and it takes hours to research things. We at DuckDuckwho have created a simple layout. So that it becomes easy to get started for every beginner.

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Statistics presented in a
user-friendly way. Designed to be beginner friendly.

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Privacy first

We do not store any Ip of our users! No IP tracking, fingerprints, or cookies. All data is yours !

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No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA and PECR.

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DMCA Ignored

We do not give any data to third parties !

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The tracking code is less than 1kb in size

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No IP tracking, cookies, or fingerprinting


at the highest level.

User's privacy should never be compromised by analytics software.
Track your website's visitors in real-time, without storing
any personal information, cookies, or fingerprinting them.


See a detailed report of your website traffic in real time.

Real-time analytics means that all the data, resources and capacities available in a company can be used for business evaluations at precisely the time they are needed.

See how many users are currently surfing your Website. It also shows where the user came from and through which source he came to your website.


Get a comprehensive overview of your website statistics.

On our "Overview" page you can see all important data and information.
To get more information you can do this by clicking on "View all".

This will give you a full overview of the selected tab.
Everything at a glance. To see are:

  • How many visitors, at what time, visit your website.

  • Pages
    Number of page views.

  • Referrers
    Where the users come from.

  • Countries
    From which country the users call their page.

  • Browser
    Which browser the users are using.

  • OS
    Which OS the users are using.

  • Behavior

    Which sites are the most popular ?
    And which are the worst ?

    In this tab you can see which pages have been viewed the most.
    The filter allows you to sort the list by "best" and "least" performing Pages.
    You can export the list as a .csv file


    Acquisitions are divided into 3 tabs.
    Referrers, Search Engines and Social Networks.

  • Referrers
    When someone clicks a hyperlink to go to a new page on another website, DuckDuckWho tracks that click as a link to the second site.

  • Search Engines
    When a user accesses your website through a search engine such as Google, Bing or others.

  • Pages
    Number of page views.

  • Geographic

    In the Geographic TAB you can see from which continents, countries and cities your website is visited.

    The display will output in page views and percentage.
    Also you can export this function as .csv file.


    Learn what devices and software your visitors use

    The display will output in page views and percentage.
    Also you can export this function as .csv file.


    Create custom events and track their conversions.

    Events can be tracked using the pa.track() JavaScript function.

    Export CSV

    Export all your website's statistics in CSV format.

    CSV export allows you to obtain all of your Activity Map data for a given page in an easy-to-consume format.

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    Compatible with all known and most popular Platforms!
    Generate an API key and send a request as a Bearer Token.


    Simple, traffic-based pricing.

    Monthly pageviews
    17% off
    17% off
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    4.99 USD
    49.99 USD
    9.99 USD
    99.99 USD
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    34.99 USD
    349.99 USD
    100.00 USD
    1,000.00 USD
    What's included
    Unlimited websites
    Unlimited events
    API access
    Email reports
    Data ownership
    Data export